Just remembering simple things

Whatever they say, and whatever its status (even in ruins), when one door closes, you always feel sad and without much idea of where to go ...

But, but, also say that "when one door closes, a window opens." Or, even better, even through a wall, you yourself can open up a new way...

...Or even two, so that sunlight in and show you the new way. Yes, it's something everybody knows. But sometimes, you have to stop and remember. You know... [*]

Granma's Legacy

When I speak of the legacy of my granma, I do not mean just the little things that gave me (which for me is a treasure) the bag, the purse or necklace. But, above all, the elegance exuded from every pore of his skin. He grew up in another era. A time when elegance and sophistication was bread day. They were awesome with their hats and well-tailored suits. Always opened the door to you and put the chair to sit down. Women, always with nails and lipstick on. Translucent skin, marking waist. She never, ever, until the 88 years she lived left the house without her lipstick. It's those little things always remember from the people you want.

It's like my last favorite show, Mad Men. I love it! Women are so feminine and men as men...  Removing the fact that women did not count for anything and some ideas which I'm not agree... But aesthetics and manners... That's style!

Yeah... I love it!

Just ♥ Home: Cascais (Portugal)

I'm obssesed with houses. And specially with doors, but this is another story, I'll tell you someday. Wherever I go, I always take millions of photos of houses and doors I like. Maybe it's because I like to imagine how my life would be in the places I travel. And while we imagine, do it in the house of your dreams, don't you think? And who knows, maybe one day this house will become mine ... [*]
I felt in love with this house and its garden in my last travel to Cascais (Portugal). I love the way it looks like, between a tales house and a scary house. I have no very clear which of the two is. His garden, which looks abandoned on the amount of flowers and plants you have. And the look decadent and romantic.

In my next life I wanna be... #2

Oh yeah ... I want to be a ballet dancer. I loooooove the ballet and everything around him: the delicacy of the movements. The sense of fragility of the body. The costumes, the romance of the stories. The jumps, stunts and tips, the music whit its power ... when I was a child, my mother took me to a ballet classes and I hated it. So I got a little late for that to be a dancer. But, in another life ... anything possible! Therefore, and when that time comes, I spend most of my time to see everything related to the dance ...

 ... In fact, I've already thought where I will buy all the things I need for dance... Because Repetto will exist in my next life. I've prepared my wish list, just in case.

Oh! I can't wait...  [*]

Just Spain

In Spain recently to celebrate Halloween. The tradition here is the "Día de Todos los Santos". A day to spend with family and remembering those no longer with us. The typical sweet of this day are the "buñuelos" and the "Huesos de santo". These are my favorites. A kind of marzipan egg yolk filling. Looking in my baking books I found the recipe for this sweet in the "Enciclopedia de Confiteria y Reposteria de la Marquesa de Parabene (Espasa)". An old book reissued that I love because it keeps the speech, expressions and how to cook years ago. In fact, the explanations are not entirely useful because it applies ancient techniques and is not very clear about cooking times, but I love his illustrations and language. You could say it is a vintage cookbook. One way to peek into the past.
This year I have encouraged myself to the Huesos de santo but for the next year, knowing I have the recipe ... Or, who knows, any day you need something sweet [*]