Granma's Legacy

When I speak of the legacy of my granma, I do not mean just the little things that gave me (which for me is a treasure) the bag, the purse or necklace. But, above all, the elegance exuded from every pore of his skin. He grew up in another era. A time when elegance and sophistication was bread day. They were awesome with their hats and well-tailored suits. Always opened the door to you and put the chair to sit down. Women, always with nails and lipstick on. Translucent skin, marking waist. She never, ever, until the 88 years she lived left the house without her lipstick. It's those little things always remember from the people you want.

It's like my last favorite show, Mad Men. I love it! Women are so feminine and men as men...  Removing the fact that women did not count for anything and some ideas which I'm not agree... But aesthetics and manners... That's style!

Yeah... I love it!

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Shesaidlola dijo...

ayy ya nos gustaría nuestras ser como abuelas estoy completamente de acuerdo... iban impecables!!
Por cierto aun no he visto Mad Men noooooo!!!! la tengo descargada y a la espera!!! pero creo q me va a encantar!! ;)

Martini Lamartss dijo...

Pues te va a encantar!! Y Don es tan..... don...... jejej!

Beth Février dijo...

Qué post tan bonito! Y que fotografías!
Que razón tienes, eso era elegancia. Me encantan los hombres de la serie siempre con sombrero y levantandose cdo llega la mujer, eso es cortesía!

Rosa&Carlotta dijo...

your granma was definitely a very stylish woman!

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Jazzy E (hivennn) dijo...

so beautiful x