Just ♥ Home: Cascais (Portugal)

I'm obssesed with houses. And specially with doors, but this is another story, I'll tell you someday. Wherever I go, I always take millions of photos of houses and doors I like. Maybe it's because I like to imagine how my life would be in the places I travel. And while we imagine, do it in the house of your dreams, don't you think? And who knows, maybe one day this house will become mine ... [*]
I felt in love with this house and its garden in my last travel to Cascais (Portugal). I love the way it looks like, between a tales house and a scary house. I have no very clear which of the two is. His garden, which looks abandoned on the amount of flowers and plants you have. And the look decadent and romantic.

3 comentarios:

bayovan dijo...

vaya preciosidad de fotos y de casa, siempre recordaré ese viaje ¡¡que bonito es cascais y que bonito viajar con la gente a la que se quiere!!

Martini Lamartss dijo...

Pues sí! Cómo nos gustó Cascais a pesar del viento ;) Lo que confirma tu teoría de que viajar con gente a la que quieres siempre hace mucho mejor el viaje!! ¿Para cuándo otro viaje Fort?!

PinkBow dijo...

stunning! i always wonder who lives a life behind the closed doors!