In my next life I wanna be... #3

An artisan chocolate. And have a store as beautiful as the Mast Brothers in Brooklyn. They make the whole process of chocolate as it has always done. From roasted cocoa, to wrap the chocolate bars. Can you imagine how it must be to spend all day smelling like chocolate? Ah, I think that would be enough to be happy

I love the rustic look of the store, the aesthetics of them, like from another time and papers used to wrap the tablets. And, of course, I loooooooove chocolate.

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Lola dijo...

hmmm se me ha exo la boca agua!! quiero chocolate y jamás jamás tngo en mi nevera porque me lo zampo todo de un atracón y siempre estoy cuidando la línea... pero en las navidades me deskito! qué ganas de qu lleguen! por cierto quiero hacer una visita a estos hermanitos jejeje

Cassidy dijo...

That would be the coolest job. I loooove chocolate! :)