Stopping the world and reload

A few days off to enjoy home. My favorite breakfast: a typical sweet from my homeland, "Toña", a sort of giant bun. Orange juice and a huge nespresso.
And hours and hours to read, knit ... enjoy and ,basicly, recharge to come back...  Being here is like stopping the world for a while and then get on again.
I needed that! Hey! In no place like home, or so they say.

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Lola dijo...

hmm q buena pinta ese bizcocho!! yo estoy en casita, pero en Córdoba, que tb se está genial, aunque no ha parado de llover!! ahora me toca volver que no tengo puente!
espero q hayas cargado pilas!!y ya e dirás que tal ese libro!!

Teresa dijo...

That bun looks delicious! :D

♥ Teresa of Pretty Dandy ♥