* Optical illusion due to total reflection of light passing through air layers of different density, which distant objects are a mirror image, and by low soil as if reflected in water, which occurs mainly in desert plains, and on top of the atmosphere on the sea surface.
* Illusion (‖ concept or image without actually true.)

You know when you think you see something that later turns out and that's not true? It closely resembles reality, but the truth is finally coming back this illusion usually ends your world upside down and in black and white. It may fool for a while but not forever.  And who wanna live in a mirage? Not me! Hey, you know... Just in case...


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Lola dijo...

Se perfectamente a lo que te refieres!!!
Bonitas fotis!

Martini Lamartss dijo...

Gracias!! :)

Beth Février dijo...

Yo tampoco! con los pies en la tierra, diferenciando lo real de lo irreal xo soñando todo lo que se pueda y más!!

Precioso, like always ;)

lavelle dijo...

Thank you for your comment and for linking me,
These photographs are lovely

Martini Lamartss dijo...

Thank you Lavelle! I lv your blog!! :)